“As the sparrow for flitting about, as the swallow for flying, so a curse undeserved shall not come.”

In the past 24 months of my business challenges, I’ve endured profound losses across every facet of my life. However, for the sake of those who entrusted me with their hard-earned savings, I made the unwavering decision to confront my fears, conquer my doubts, and rise above my challenges. I was determined to manifest the glory of the Lord that initially empowered me to embark on this journey.

During this trying period, I faced numerous acts of sabotage, oppression, and the deliberate destruction of my reputation. Surprisingly, some individuals who lacked the courage to pursue honor resorted to unfounded accusations. Nevertheless, I dedicated each healthy day of the last 25 months to pursue recovery and a triumphant rebound.

In the midst of adversity, I was subjected to a barrage of terrible words, curses, and malevolent utterances. Some wished for the most severe misfortunes upon themselves and their descendants. Yet, due to my unwavering commitment, loyalty, and pure intentions, I took solace in the word of the Lord, which assured me that an undeserved curse shall not come to fruition.

Indeed, we may be sorely tried, brought to the brink, as if our lives were on the verge of ending. But the Lord, in His unwavering integrity, will shield us with His mighty hand and judge the evil forces unleashed by His right hand. To all those who uttered curses, rest assured that their malevolent words will be visited upon their descendants for up to four generations.

Energy, as a fundamental principle, cannot be created nor destroyed. Therefore, the negative energy they have unleashed will haunt them and their loved ones. For those of us who maintain steadfast faith, we shall experience a glorious rebound and rejoice in the face of adversity.

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