D’ Ear was designed just for you. You are not alone.

Many individuals are going through extraordinarily challenging times, facing stumbling blocks and failures that often go unheard. Their stories may seem unreasonable or meet skepticism, leading to guilt trips or condemnation. These individuals find it difficult to trust anyone to listen without judgment. Through my own challenges and failures, I have come to understand that many people simply need a listening ear, without the need for solutions, advice, or judgment.

Discussion Sessions

The Ear offers a 40-minute session where you will be genuinely listened to. You can discuss any topic, whether it’s business-related, marital struggles, moral dilemmas, or career mistakes. You can openly share even your most heinous acts that you may be afraid to reveal elsewhere, and make your confessions without fear of judgment.    Please note that your session will be recorded, but your information will be kept strictly confidential unless you authorize its sharing in a secure, encrypted format for others to learn from. If you desire advice, it is also available to you.

We firmly believe that when you come to The Ear, you will have the opportunity to pour out your mind and experience a sense of relief and excitement.

Remember, at D’ Ear

your story matters to us.

We are here to listen.

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The Ear session is provided as a free, unpaid service. During the session, your conversation will be recorded to ensure the accuracy of the information shared. Please note the following disclaimers:

1. Confidentiality: We guarantee that the recorded session will not be shared with anyone whatsoever. Your privacy and the confidentiality of your information are of utmost importance to us.

2. Indemnity Agreement: If, for any reason, you receive the recording of your session, you will be required to sign an indemnity form regarding the potential leakage of your own information. This form acknowledges your responsibility for safeguarding the recording and preventing any unauthorized disclosure.

3. Authorization for Release: You have the option to authorize the release of certain components of the meeting in a way that can provide valuable lessons to others without compromising your privacy. This will be done in a secure, encrypted format, and your explicit consent will be obtained before any information is shared.

4. Responsibility for Use: It is your responsibility to use the information received during the session appropriately. We cannot be held accountable for any errors, misuse, or consequences that may arise from your handling or sharing of the information obtained.