I am Azeez Oluwole Saheed, some decades ago, on 3rd November, I came into this world, a world full of possibilities and challenges. I was born to two incredible souls, my parents, may their memory be blessed. My father, despite his humble circumstances, was a man of unwavering integrity and a relentless work ethic. My mother, on the other hand, was a highly resourceful, hardworking woman, strict, and deeply disciplined. I was fortunate to grow up with these remarkable individuals, and their influence shaped the person I am today.

From a young age, I learned valuable lessons from them that have become the cornerstones of my character. Today, as I celebrate my birthday, I proudly declare myself a noble man of honor and great integrity. The path to this celebration has not been smooth. I’ve weathered tumultuous months of business failures, but I am filled with joy and a profound assurance that the storm is finally coming to an end. These past two years have been a profound transformation in my life, altering my perspective on the world and the people in it.

I’ve seen the true colors of people – who are genuine friends and who are not, the surprising cowardice of grown men, the malice of vindictive souls, the insatiable greed of some youths, and the flakiness of those I once trusted. In these trying years, I lost nearly everything – my name, my marriage, friends, wealth, freedom, and the trust of some of my closest allies. 

The most astonishing aspect of this journey is that God preserved my life, my sanity, and my health. Despite being assailed on all sides, I emerged as a better version of myself. Now, as the New Year unfolds, it brings with it the promise of recovery, not just for me but also for all of us.

This is a story of a triumphant rebound, a declaration of victory, and a resounding affirmation of my unwavering character. I am not a man of weak character; I am nobility, greatness, passion, success, and integrity.

As I celebrate my birthday today, I do so with the confidence of a rebound. I firmly believe that “God is not a waster; He never keeps you alive for no reason.” Since I am alive, there must be a purpose, and I intend to fulfill it.

Happy Birthday to me and here’s to a brighter future. Cheers to the rejuvenation of FarmKonnect, where I, Azeez Oluwole Saheed, will continue to serve the purpose of my name: AbdulAzeez – The servant of the almighty, Saheed – The prosperous One and Oluwole – The lord has come inside (Visited). These names have answered to me, even as my grandfather fondly called me Ademiyemi, meaning my crown fits me, I am stepping out in glory to wear the crown of glory once again. Cheers to new beginnings, both for me and for our business!

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