From the Naval Decks to Agricultural Fields: The Journey of Retired Lieutenant Commander Oluwole Saheed Azeez

When we think of a naval officer, we often picture vast oceans, large ships, and a life dedicated to national defence. Rarely do we associate such an individual with agricultural revolutions or food security. Yet, my life’s journey, that of Lieutenant Commander Oluwole Saheed Azeez, defies that stereotype.

The Roots of Passion

It all began in the bustling town of Ibadan, where as a young boy, I was surrounded by the rhythms of nature. The hands-on experience in the gardens of Mokola Ibadan, where my father cultivated vegetables and fruits, laid the foundation for my deep-rooted love for agriculture. As years rolled by, I even delved into aquaculture, learning the tricks of the trade under my brother, Mr. Yusuf Abiodun Azeez.

The Naval Call

Soon, the call to serve the nation grew strong. The Nigerian Defence Academy became my alma mater, and the Nigerian Navy, my home. Over the years, I honed my skills, specializing in maritime communications and security. But amidst the sounds of waves and the naval drills, the voice of the land called out to me. It whispered of the strategic importance of food security in ensuring global peace.

Agriculture’s Rebirth

Listening to that call, I introduced the concept of Agricultural Real Estate, a collaborative finance approach to agriculture. To propel this idea further, I initiated Africa’s first Agricultural Smart Farming and Data Centre. This centre isn’t just about modern farming methods, but it’s a nexus where technology meets tradition, ensuring sustainability while maximizing yield.

Beyond the Fields

Recognizing the broader challenges of the agricultural sector, institutions like the Agricultural Social Entrepreneurship Foundation, FIDAS, and Fagex were established. These platforms aim for the holistic upliftment of the farming community, emphasizing youth empowerment and pioneering innovative credit solutions.

One cannot overlook the critical event of February 26, 2011, where fate tested my determination through a life-threatening gunshot injury. That incident was a stark reminder of the mission ahead, reinforcing my belief in our quest for global food security.

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