In the world of business, it’s an unwavering truth that every venture, no matter how solid it may seem, can falter. The duty of management is not to prevent failure altogether but to delay its arrival. It’s imperative to grasp that, no matter how carefully we plan, unforeseen circumstances are an integral part of our journey. When we find ourselves struck down, we have a choice to make. As the Yoruba adage wisely notes, “When a child stumbles, he looks forward (Optimism), when an adult stumbles, he looks backwards (Reflection).”

With this adage in mind, I, Azeez Oluwole Saheed, am steadfast in my belief that the efforts poured into FarmKonnect are too monumental to let the business perish like a passing wind. We understand that adversity is part of the journey, but we also hold firm to the belief that we will rebound, as expressed in Qur’an 94 (Alamnashra) and echoed in Psalm 30:5. We are assured of the promise of a brighter tomorrow.

In our hearts, we hold the certainty that failure is not due to a flawed vision but rather the bumps we encountered along the way. In all circumstances, we remain grateful and gracious, for we are determined to rise above our falls. As for me, Azeez Oluwole Saheed, I acknowledge the existence of sabotage and oppression, but I also recognize that failure is just one of life’s many trials. I am resolute in my commitment to emerge victorious.

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